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F-Secure – Centrally Managed Security For Your Business

F-Secure Anti Virus Security

Award Winning Protection

F-Secure goes far beyond traditional anti-malware. To start with, we have some of the best security experts in the world.

We use their knowledge to create automated systems and artificial intelligence that leverage heuristic, behavioural and other technologies, provisioned via the Security Cloud—enabling us to protect our customers all around the globe against new threats within minutes of the first detection.




Real Time Threat Intelligence

F-Secure solutions consistently receive top honours in independent security evaluations.

That includes winning AV-TEST’s Best Protection Award—for the past four years running.

Great Performance

Our security products are designed to work together as a comprehensive solution, eliminating the conflicts that commonly arise when you combine products from different vendors.

And since consistently ranks F-Secure performance better than the industry average, you get superior performance with a smaller footprint.

Layered Security

Protection Service for Business takes a multi-layered approach to security, leveraging pioneering technologies like Heuristic Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

Each independent layer guards against a particular aspect of the threat landscape. For attackers, bypassing a single static layer of defence is easy.

Getting through several complementary technologies—ones that not only cover each other’ gaps, but also enhance total protective capability — is many magnitudes more difficult.


F-Secure a Powerful, modern, and designed to solve challenging security needs as easily as possible, Protection Service for Business is one of the world’s leading multi-endpoint security solutions.

Protection Service for Business is designed for businesses that demand outstanding security for all endpoints—wherever they go—while making it as easy as possible to manage and control diverse multi-device environments.

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